Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to connect a Keyboard and Mouse to your Android phone/phablet/tablet

Now onwards, writing long emails or chatting with your friends from your Android tablet/phablet/phone could be a cakewalk. To chat for long hours on end, one just misses a keyboard. For serious Web browsing, a mouse could also have worked better. Now, you could also connect a keyboard or even a mouse or even both together and turn your Android tablet into a full-fledged net book.

There are 2 ways to make this happen. You would just need the following things to make this work. While, for the Method1 would cater if you plan to use a USB Keyboard and Mouse, the Method2 caters to those who plan to use their PS/2 keyboard and mice.

The USB OTG cable would be needed in either method you try to connect. Get the Micro USB cable first. Once, you have got your USB OTG cable you need to get a USB Hub or a USB PS/2 converter. While you could choose USB PS/2 converters from anywhere, be aware that all USB hubs won’t work, as they do not support multiple devices at one point of time. To use your keyboard and mouse together, you need a USB Hub that supports multiple devices at one point of time. Either Method1 or Method2, you are ready to go. 
Method1 (using USB Keyboard and Mouse)
1.Connect USB OTG cable to your phone/tablet
2.Connect USB Hub to your USB OTG cable end
3.Plug in your Keyboard and Mouse
 Method2  (using PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse)
1.Connect USB OTG cable to your tablet/phone
2.Connect USB to PS/2 converter to your USB OTG Cable end
3. Plug in your PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse

You are good to go right now.
For Micro USB Products you can go to Amazon

* You must be on Honeycomb atleast for this.
* Powered USB hub is preferred for flawless setup.



  1. Hi Fransis Sibin,

    Can I connect any android phone / tablet like this?

    I used an OTG cable of china make for my GIONEE GPAD phablet running on ICS 4.0 to connect to a LOGITECH mouse n keyboard. But it did not connect. Pls tell me how to find the phablet is compatible with the mouses.


  2. Make it sure that your device is supported for OTG cable and other accessories mentioned above in the post.

  3. can i use wireless mouse and keyboard?

  4. I have a gionee P3 and there is an option of wireless mouse and
    keyboard. I want to know how I use wireless mouse and keyboard on my
    gionee p3?

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